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    HMH to become part of NWEA

    In January 2023, HMH the learning technology company announced acquiring NWEA, the not-for-profit, research, and educational services organization serving K-12 students.

    Therefore, NWEA will work as a division of HMH with its current offerings, including its flagship assessment—MAP Growth—remaining under the NWEA brand.

    What are the benefits of this partnership?

    • NWEA evaluation solutions will be incorporated into the HMH curriculum on the HMH platform to create a combined offering that links interim evaluation to training.
    • HMH will provide educators with a holistic solution to help them understand how students are growing academically and where they need to focus most to maximize this growth.
    • This solution will convert assessment data into content recommendations that will help address gaps in students’ skills and advance students learning.

    HMH and NWEA’s mission and long-term vision fit perfectly together and share the collective conviction of the transformative power of education. Both teams are working to help all children and serve millions of K-12 educators and students worldwide.

    We are embarking upon a new age of education and technology!

    Did you know?

    Private schools in the UAE are getting creative!

    One school hired a nutritionist to prepare meals, another one allowed parents to pay tuition in Cryptocurrency and a third introduced a later start and finish time.

    All Prints X HMH

    Continuous workshops for teachers in collaboration with HMH have been taking place since the beginning of the school year. The trainings aim to assist teachers in navigating and using the HMH Ed platform, as well as planning for the new “Into” programs.

    HMH offers a connected system of research-backed solutions, where assessment drives instruction and learning can be personalized to meet students’ needs and elevate the potential of every learner.

    Our team of trainers from All Prints and HMH provide teachers with tips on how to get ready and proceed with the academic year by using these solutions and instructions.

    All Prints X Cypher Learning

    Learning management system is an important software that changes the learning experience by adding value to every school as it plans, implements, and assesses a specific learning process. It manages learning activities for teachers, students, and admins. All Prints is partner with Cypher learning, the only company that provides e-learning platform in all major e-learning sectors. NEO LMS, a solution that is part of Cypher learning that helps teachers build high-quality classes and manage their time so they can focus on having a greater impact on their students. Additionally, it offers students design learning that is fun, engaging, and prepares them for real-world careers.

    NEO LMS elevates the learning experience as it is a user-friendly platform that offers inclusive learning, has an intelligent approach that customizes a learning path for students based on their goals and can be used on a mobile to learn anywhere.

    All Prints X Apple

    As part of All Prints' dedication to provide teachers, leaders and IT professionals with continuous learning methods, skills and knowledge, All Prints took part in GESS, Global Education and Supply Services. Workshops for teachers and leaders on visualizing learning with iPad, Assessment for learning with iPad and verbal feedback for iPad were offered.

    These topics highlight how digitized approaches in teaching can reduce workload and create an efficient learning environment. Additionally, teachers got to experience Apple classroom firsthand and AR experiences, as well as discover the benefits of using iPad in the classroom and how it increases productivity, through workshops on how to manage learning with iPad, bring learning to life with augmented reality on iPad and how to become efficient iPad users to support learning and teaching. Finally, workshops were given for IT Professionals in the education field on how to deploy and integrate Apple products successfully through workshops on Apple school manager in action, Zero touch deployment in education and Jamf school in action.

    (0) Print books vs. eBooks: Which is a better way to read?

    The fast pace of technology growth and propagation across the world has meant a significant shift in the way we conduct our daily activities compared with just a few years ago. The easy access and affordability of smartphones and tablets, along with significantly improved bandwidth in the form of 4G and 5G networks, has meant that a lot of the digital content is consumed on these devices, while on the move. This has also led to a revolution in the publishing industry with the introduction of eBooks. Analysts had once predicted that eBooks would overtake print by 2015. However, this has not translated into hard numbers even as we write this article in 2022. Let’s find out why.

    EBooks burst onto the publishing scene with a lot of promise and with a number of advantages compared to traditional print books. You can read eBooks in any light, adjust text size, carry a whole library of books in a single device, purchase and instantly download a book with ease, and much more. However, once the initial euphoria had settled, there were benefits of printed books that experts and the reading public soon discovered.

    Studies revealed that reading printed books resulted in better memory retention, comprehension, focus and intelligence. Readers experienced a tangible and perceptible sense of progress as they could sense the paper with their fingers, ‘a pile of pages on the left growing, and shrinking on the right’. The tactile sensation of a printed book and the smell of a freshly opened book added to the experience of reading by using the other senses. In more ways than one, printed books make reading a human experience, associating memories and a sense of nostalgia with them.

    Another reason for eBooks not taking over the reading landscape as initially anticipated is the adverse impact of prolonged exposure to digital screens. The high levels of screen and artificial light exposure led to marked visual fatigue, eye strain, sleep disorders, shortened attention span and several other noticeable adverse physical and psychological effects.

    On a lighter note, printed books don’t need batteries and readers don’t need to worry about charging a device to continue reading. Nor do they need to worry about network signal strength and access to the internet.

    EBooks and printed books have their respective pros and cons, and each may become a preferred choice in a specific situation. However, with the increasing exposure of children and adults to digital screens for most forms of entertainment, printed books are a perfect world away from the ill-effects of technology and definitely a better way of learning.

    At ALLPRINTS, you will find a variety of books in EnglishFrench and Arabic.

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    How to get your children interested in reading

    “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” - Dr Seuss

    The importance of reading books for children cannot be overstated. In addition to cultivating an active and creative mind, books draw you into a story like no other medium does. This is because the words lead the reader to imagine and create their own worlds instead of giving them access to someone else’s world, which is what electronic entertainment mediums do.

    It is scientifically proven that reading uses a complex network of signals in the brain and, as one ages and matures, these networks of signals become stronger and more sophisticated.

    Most parents are well aware of the importance of reading books. However, one of the most pressing challenges that parents face these days is how to get their children to become interested in reading? There are so many alternative sources of entertainment available to children these days that reading has taken a back seat. It is also scientifically proven that prolonged exposure to digital screens, be it mobiles, tablets or television, are harmful not just for your children’s eyes, but they can also lead to mental fatigue and learning disorders.

    Here are some actionable and workable tips for you to get your children to fall in love with reading.

    • Read to your children

    As responsible parents, take the initiative and start reading to your children as early as possible. From their early developmental days, children are sponges for information of all sorts, which their brains use to build and grow.

    Brightly-coloured pictures, interesting short stories, innovative narration, fun looking fonts accompanied with sounds and other experiential formats, make the experience of book reading entertaining and attractive for toddlers and young children. By starting as early as possible, you can teach your children to love reading in a very natural and organic way.

    Even while growing up, if parents continue the habit of reading to their children, they can introduce their growing children to increasingly complex words and language. This ensures children are prepared to take on more complex forms of reading on their own later on in their life.

    • Make it a fun and bonding exercise 

    If you have young children who are reluctant to read, you can find ways to make reading a fun activity, rather than a chore.

    For example, instead of telling them to “go and read,” consider turning it into a bonding experience. You can take turns reading passages or read out loud to each other. This can be a fun activity for siblings as well. Reading together can help build warm and happy associations with books, increasing the likelihood that children will continue to find reading an enjoyable exercise. In addition, the bond you make with one another will be as important as the book you read.

    • Let it be their choice

    Children are more open to reading when they are given a choice regarding the story they want to listen to or the book they want to read. So, make it their decision, and you will find greater acceptance in them taking on reading as an activity.

    The habit of reading starts at home and it is therefore the responsibility of parents to introduce their children to this wonderful avenue of exploration as early as they can. It is a proven fact that reading at home boosts performance at school later on. It increases vocabulary, enhances communication skills, raises self-esteem, gives the confidence to express oneself freely and openly, strengthens the mind and inculcates creativity.

    With so many benefits, there is no reason to wait. Browse through our selection of books (with your children) and pick your next adventure together. To top it all, we are offering a 25% discount on all our books throughout March, as it is the month of reading.

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    (0) All Prints becomes an Apple Authorised Reseller to Offer Educational Services and Technology to Schools and Universities in the UAE

    Dubai, January 2022 – All Prints, a leading educational and distribution service provider in the Middle East, has joined Apple’s network of resellers to offer educational services to academic institutions within the United Arab Emirates.

    As an Authorized Apple Reseller and experienced integrator, All Prints will complement the provision of Apple devices with its expertise in the educational field. With over 50 years of experience, the educational service leader will offer schools a holistic approach to modern day teaching and learning.

    All Prints provides solution-as-a-service and subscription-based services that support the use of Apple products in teaching and learning. Access to digital resources and e-books from All Prints publishers, in addition to its Learning Management System (LMS), professional development and deployment, renders All Prints a one-stop shop for software, hardware, technology, and education services.

    “With distance learning and the evolution of education, technology has become a key catalyst of change within the field. We have joined Apple’s network of Authorized resellers to leverage our books, curricula, and educational services which complement Apple’s products and services, thus providing academic institutions with the most up-to-date offerings in education,” says Nadia Khayat, Managing Partner of All Prints.

    - End -

     About All Prints

     Established as a bookstore in Abu Dhabi in 1968, All Prints has gone on to expand and diversify. The company now provides both educational and distribution services to schools and universities throughout the Arab world.

    All Prints is the main supplier of textbooks, educational materials and digital solutions to major universities, schools and educational institutions throughout the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Lebanon. It is a one-stop shop that meets the needs of any school or university that wishes to go beyond the traditional textbook.

    Very much a family business incorporating family values, the team at All Prints works to ensure a personal, tailored service for each individual customer. We partner with schools and universities to make sure they have the best possible materials for their needs. Site visits together with comprehensive assessment procedures underpin the service and guarantee efficiency and excellence.

    Improve your child’s IQ and creativity with All Prints

    Children are naturally inquisitive and are always looking to make new discoveries. This is the purest stage of their lives, when they are exploring their habitat and absorbing all the information with wonder. Shop All Prints is the best online destination to buy a variety of Books, Educational Games, and Art Supplies  to feed their hunger for new experiences. At our Online Book Shop, you can find a special collection of fiction and non-fiction Children’s books that can help develop their IQ. These books will help children learn about the world through fun activities and exciting narratives. In addition, we have a wide selection of Educational Games and Toys, along with Art Supplies to help them explore their creativity.


    What you should know about Children’s Books, Educational Toys and Games:


    Promote creativity and imagination through play

    Learning through fun, engaging activities can be organic and long lasting. It’s no wonder that so many learning pedagogies have been developed with games at the heart of the learning process. Educational Games from Shop All Prints can boost your child’s creative abilities, enhance their learning potential and build their confidence. 



    Instil a spirit of discovery and innovation from an early age

    Educational Games and Toys encourage children to be imaginative and discover new ways of problem solving in a gaming environment. They build, create, solve, achieve and excel using creativity and logic, thereby exercising both the right and left sides of the brain. Browse through our collection of Children’s BooksPuzzles and Toys from our Online Book Shop.



    Improve motor skills

    Engaging toddlers in fun activities, which can promote their physical and mental development, can be a huge challenge for parents. Our selection of Toys and Games or toddlers and young school-age children can help develop their motor skills. As they touch, feel and use objects, they investigate forms, colors, shapes and sounds. It also keeps them engaged in physical activities and away from screen time, which in recent times has become a cause for worry for many parents.



    Encourage interaction to develop social skills

    Shop All Prints has a wide selection of interactive Games for children which can help develop their social skills. Multi-player games encourage teamwork and encourage children to collaborate, cooperate, and trust one another. You can browse through our collection of Educational Toys and Games.



    Boost your child’s intelligence

    Decades of research, carried out worldwide, has shown that engagement with learning through play in early childhood is linked to increased IQ and cognitive abilities later in life. High level thinking, which considers a variety of scenarios and helps spark new ideas, is closely linked to higher levels of intelligence and creativity.



    Aid mental growth and memory retention

    Children’s Board Games and other interactive games test their ability to actively consider how they can progress to the next level. This aids their brain development and can even be beneficial for children who require extra educational support.



    All kinds of research about education and learning have shown a direct link between retention of information and knowledge, and the level of fun and engagement in the learning process. Shop All Prints facilitates this fun and engaging process of learning through its Online Book Shop, which has a wide selection of Toys, Games, Puzzles, Books and Art Supplies for children of all age groups.


    Learn more:

    Importance of reading fiction books for children

    Studies have shown that reading is a skill that serves as a basic building block for learning. It is an essential part of living a fulfilling life. Reading fiction books can help enhance your child’s creativity and their ability to visualize written words. It gives flight to their imagination. It not only expands a child’s knowledge but also develops their brain in a constructive manner, especially in today’s technology-driven world with so many digital distractions. Most successful people were voracious readers as children. Children books can open up a world in ways no other medium can for your child.

    Creativity is something we assume a child is born with. We assume it to be an inherent and natural ability. However, creativity is a skill, which can be developed over time as long as it is nourished regularly and fed through the right methods. Reading fiction books is one such medium, which has all the right ingredients to enhance a child’s creative abilities.

    Parents can support their children's creativity in a variety of ways – for example, giving them access to good fiction books, educational toys and children’s games. One fantastic technique is to encourage them to read fiction (or, in the case of small children, to read it to them). Fiction has a strong potential as a creativity booster since it introduces children to new ideas and ways of thinking about the world. All Prints is here to provide you with a variety of fiction books for children.

    Fiction can assist you in comprehending the viewpoints of others.

    Fiction has a power that no other kind of communication has. It can immerse you completely in another person's thinking. It's a fusion of the reader's and writer's thoughts and the minds of the reader and the characters.

    You can see the larger picture in fiction.

    Everything in our universe has an interlinked purpose, and fiction shows us how. Fiction books provide us with an opportunity to get a unique perspective of the world. They encourage us to think non-linearly and think beyond the obvious. They highlight the main elements, juxtapose them against one another, expand on them, and depict them in a way we don't generally see.

    At All Prints, you will find a variety of children's books that help your child to study and improve their thinking ability. Browse through the titles today!

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