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    HMH to become part of NWEA

    In January 2023, HMH the learning technology company announced acquiring NWEA, the not-for-profit, research, and educational services organization serving K-12 students.


    Therefore, NWEA will work as a division of HMH with its current offerings, including its flagship assessment—MAP Growth—remaining under the NWEA brand.

    What are the benefits of this partnership?

    • NWEA evaluation solutions will be incorporated into the HMH curriculum on the HMH platform to create a combined offering that links interim evaluation to training.
    • HMH will provide educators with a holistic solution to help them understand how students are growing academically and where they need to focus most to maximize this growth.
    • This solution will convert assessment data into content recommendations that will help address gaps in students’ skills and advance students learning.

    HMH and NWEA’s mission and long-term vision fit perfectly together and share the collective conviction of the transformative power of education. Both teams are working to help all children and serve millions of K-12 educators and students worldwide.

    We are embarking upon a new age of education and technology!