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    All Prints X Cypher Learning

    Learning management system isĀ an important software that changes the learning experience by adding value to every school as it plans, implements, and assesses a specific learning process. It manages learning activities for teachers, students, and admins. All Prints is partner with Cypher learning, the only company that provides e-learning platform in all major e-learning sectors. NEO LMS, a solution that is part of Cypher learning that helps teachers build high-quality classes and manage their time so they can focus on having a greater impact on their students. Additionally, it offers students design learning that is fun, engaging, and prepares them for real-world careers.

    NEO LMS elevates the learning experience as it is a user-friendly platform that offers inclusive learning, has an intelligent approach that customizes a learning path for students based on their goals and can be used on a mobile to learn anywhere.