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    CELEBRATING TOLERANCE - Religious Diversity in the United Arab Emirates

    To celebrate the 2019 Year of Tolerance in the UAE, a diverse group of faiths have collaborated in producing this book titled Celebrating Tolerance: Religious Diversity in the United Arab Emirates, which serves as a compendium of their experiences of coexisting peacefully in the country. Representatives of each faith provide a brief overview of its migration to the UAE in the early 1960s and 1970s with an understanding of its rituals resulting in an engaging and informative read. Envisioned by Reverend Andrew Thompson from the Anglican Church in Abu Dhabi, the book is the first of its kind delivering an important message of tolerance; a testament to the country’s highly tolerant views and acceptance of a very diverse group of people who come from all over the world
    138.00 AED


    The Christian community has had a long and historical relationship with the UAE that has grown over time. Christianity in the UAE: Culture and Heritage honours this friendship and serves as a comprehensive introduction to the partnership between the communities. The book includes selected ancient photographs, pencil sketches of common Middle Eastern motifs and scripture verses from both the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur'an.
    95.00 AED