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    The characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in Arab world
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    Exceptional and exclusive photos of the United Arab Emirates
    400.00 AED


    An exciting new book from renowned aerial photographer, Dirk Laubner, Abu Dhabi - An Aerial Tour features rare and captivating images of the capital. For years, this colorful city has captured the imagination and creativity of photographers. In this exciting emirate, heritage and progress, nature and technology, the quaint and the unconventional - all of these effortlessly fuse to create the extraordinary capital of the United Arab Emirates. Be part of the experience as the photographer takes you on a spectacular aerial journey through Abu Dhabi. Key Features The latest book by the renowned aerial photographer, Dirk Laubner Accessible to readers across the globe with text in English, Arabic, French, German, Mandarin and Russian Contents From the iconic buildings, highways and bridges, the majestic Emirates Palace and the awe-inspiring Grand Mosque, to the unspoilt beaches, the various islands and the Mangrove forests, the book gives readers a bird's eye view of Abu Dhabi's landmarks and heritage sites. About the Author An illustrious aerial photographer, Dirk Laubner's images have been exhibited and published around the world, including in his own books about Dubai, Berlin, Cologne, etc. He takes readers on an aerial tour of these cities with his knack of finding the perfect perspective from which to view celebrated landscapes embedded in their environs. His undivided passion for discovering the world is reflected in his photographic portfolio that captures the sights and sounds of these wonderful cities. Dirk is currently busy preparing new books on Portugal and European castles, and is a permanent freelancer for Der Spiegel, the famous German news magazine.
    70.00 AED


    Each chapter in this photographic book contains a short well-written introduction, and each picture is accompanied by an informative caption. Covering everything from art and architecture, museums and monuments, souks and shopping malls, to hotels and heritage sites, this book captures the sights and spirit of a unique emirate. The small, convenient size of the book makes it an ideal souvenir for tourists and expats, and an excellent impulse buy for visitors.
    45.00 AED


    The brand new edition of Dubai “ A Pictorial Tour conveys the emirates quiet elegance synonymous with its enduring desert heritage, it equally reveals a pulsating infrastructure. Dubai is known for its towering skyline and cosmopolitan way of life, but also its embrace of tradition and heritage. Although chiefly a photographic book with picture-postcard views, all the photos are accompanied by informative captions. It covers everything from art and architecture, museums and monuments, souks and shopping malls, hotels and heritage sites, to the rugged splendour of the surrounding desert and oases.
    85.00 AED


    The third addition to Leslie Nasr's popular Living In Series, Living in… Abu Dhabi equips readers with valuable tools to understand and appreciate local culture and customs, to navigate their way around the city, and to help feel comfortable in new surroundings. A must read for every traveler, visitor and resident. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is a cultural center, business hub, and tourist destination providing a perfect balance between modern international lifestyles and the finest traditions of Arab culture. A program of fast paced yet thoughtful development has seen it emerge as a world-class city with endless possibilities. Blessed with great natural beauty and a wealth of resources, it is now one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East. Living In… Abu Dhabi is much more than just a travel guide. It focuses on the city's deep-rooted heritage and traditions, while, at the same time, highlighting modern development and prosperity, giving the reader all the necessary information to become a well-rounded, knowledgeable resident or visitor
    85.00 AED


    When Patricia Holton welcomed two young Arab boys into her home for the summer to oblige their father, a Gulf Sheikh, little did she realize how intertwined their lives would become. She became fascinated by the boys, and an invitation to visit their mother and the women of her family - the harem - was quickly accepted. Between Patricia and the masked women of the desert there developed an extraordinary relationship, and as "the English mother" of the Sheikh's sons she came to understand something of the traditions which govern their lives. This is her story.
    55.00 AED

    My Vision - Challenges in the Race for Excellence (ENGLISH)

    My Vision: Challenges in the Race for Excellence is a unique book in which His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, examines aspects of the UAE's unique development experience. This young country is making every effort to achieve excellence and upgrade its status from a regional economic center into an international hub. It is striving to excel in services, tourism, the knowledge economy and creative human resources in order to reach its ambitious development goals. While addressing the people of Dubai and the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed's wider audience also includes the Arab world. Dubai's unique development experience sets a creative example for the Arab world to follow. The book, therefore, represents a message of optimism that if all the constituents of any given society agree to excel in all fields, different cultures and religions can coexist without the slightest problem. The proof he provides is Dubai itself. Key Features Follows the tremendous success of its Arabic version, published in 2006. My Vision is an authentic historical document, which testifies to the perceptive quality of Sheikh Mohammed's vision. The advice and model presented in this valuable work will be useful not only to the leaders of nations, but also all those who yearn for success. About the Author His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, is recognized by leaders and citizens across the globe as a visionary leader, an exemplary political figure, a sportsman par excellence and a magnificent public personality. Also a discerning and soulful poet, Sheikh Mohammed has previously published several poetry books, including Poems from the Desert (2009) and 40 Poems from the Desert (2011).
    70.00 AED


    Margaret Henderson was so bowled over by the beauty and mystique of Arabia that she decided to create this book, a beautiful collection of pencil sketches and paintings. The result is an artistic discovery of the traditional Arab world that is sure to conquer the imagination of all readers.
    90.00 AED