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    African History

    Historiography concerning the African continent, its people, nations and variety of written and non-written histories
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    We Are the Ancient Egyptians: Meet the People Behind the History

    Illustrated by World Book Day 2022 Illustrator Allen Fatimaharan! Step back in time to Ancient Egypt and meet some of the many people who lived, worked, and played during that time. From a necropolis builder to a tomb robber, a brewer to an embalmer, and a slave girl to the Pharaoh himself - each one will share with you the story of their own daily life. Together, they are the Ancient Egyptians. Featuring 19 different characters from Ancient Egyptian times, as well as an introduction to the Ancient Egyptian world, a key to decoding hieroglyphics and a timeline of key events, this book provides a new angle on a classic subject, bringing the ancient world to life.
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