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    Improve your child’s IQ and creativity with All Prints

    Children are naturally inquisitive and are always looking to make new discoveries. This is the purest stage of their lives, when they are exploring their habitat and absorbing all the information with wonder. Shop All Prints is the best online destination to buy a variety of Books, Educational Games, and Art Supplies  to feed their hunger for new experiences. At our Online Book Shop, you can find a special collection of fiction and non-fiction Children’s books that can help develop their IQ. These books will help children learn about the world through fun activities and exciting narratives. In addition, we have a wide selection of Educational Games and Toys, along with Art Supplies to help them explore their creativity.


    What you should know about Children’s Books, Educational Toys and Games:


    Promote creativity and imagination through play

    Learning through fun, engaging activities can be organic and long lasting. It’s no wonder that so many learning pedagogies have been developed with games at the heart of the learning process. Educational Games from Shop All Prints can boost your child’s creative abilities, enhance their learning potential and build their confidence. 



    Instil a spirit of discovery and innovation from an early age

    Educational Games and Toys encourage children to be imaginative and discover new ways of problem solving in a gaming environment. They build, create, solve, achieve and excel using creativity and logic, thereby exercising both the right and left sides of the brain. Browse through our collection of Children’s BooksPuzzles and Toys from our Online Book Shop.



    Improve motor skills

    Engaging toddlers in fun activities, which can promote their physical and mental development, can be a huge challenge for parents. Our selection of Toys and Games or toddlers and young school-age children can help develop their motor skills. As they touch, feel and use objects, they investigate forms, colors, shapes and sounds. It also keeps them engaged in physical activities and away from screen time, which in recent times has become a cause for worry for many parents.



    Encourage interaction to develop social skills

    Shop All Prints has a wide selection of interactive Games for children which can help develop their social skills. Multi-player games encourage teamwork and encourage children to collaborate, cooperate, and trust one another. You can browse through our collection of Educational Toys and Games.



    Boost your child’s intelligence

    Decades of research, carried out worldwide, has shown that engagement with learning through play in early childhood is linked to increased IQ and cognitive abilities later in life. High level thinking, which considers a variety of scenarios and helps spark new ideas, is closely linked to higher levels of intelligence and creativity.



    Aid mental growth and memory retention

    Children’s Board Games and other interactive games test their ability to actively consider how they can progress to the next level. This aids their brain development and can even be beneficial for children who require extra educational support.



    All kinds of research about education and learning have shown a direct link between retention of information and knowledge, and the level of fun and engagement in the learning process. Shop All Prints facilitates this fun and engaging process of learning through its Online Book Shop, which has a wide selection of Toys, Games, Puzzles, Books and Art Supplies for children of all age groups.


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