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    English For Biginners Flash Cards

    A set of 100 sturdy flashcards with over 200 essential English words to learn. On the front and back of each card, there is an English word illustrated with a simple picture. Readers can listen to all the words read by a native English speaker at the Usborne Quicklinks Website.
    30.00 AED

    Flashcards: Colors and Shapes

    Colorful, illustrated flashcards plus game and activity ideas will help young children learn 11 basic colors and 10 shapes, and recognize colors and shapes in real-life objects. Pair with Learning Line activity books! Grades PreK–1
    30.00 AED

    Flashcards: Counting 1-100

    Help children master numbers up to 100! Suggested games and activities reinforce sequencing and counting up to 100, including identifying even and odd numbers and counting by number patterns of 2, 3, 5, and 10. Grades K–2
    30.00 AED

    Flashcards: Division Facts to 9s

    Increase math fluency and accuracy with flashcard practice! The 54 division equations in this set include visual representations of each equation to help young learners better understand the math concept. Grades 2–5
    30.00 AED

    Flashcards: Multiplication Facts to 9s

    Build multiplication accuracy and speed using flashcards! The 54 multiplication equations in this set include visual representations of each equation to help young learners better understand the math concept. Grades 2–5
    30.00 AED

    Flashcards: Subtraction Facts 11-18

    Sharpen math skills with flashcard fun! This set provides practice of subtraction facts from 11 to 18, and includes vertical and horizontal versions of each equation for optimal practice. Pair with Learning Line activity books. Grades 1–5
    30.00 AED

    Our World In Picture: The Periodic Table Flashcards

    "Get to grips with the periodic table through an array of guessing games and fun flashcards! This amazing deck of cards welcomes you to the periodic table of elements where you can familiarise yourself with all 118 elements, discovering atomic numbers, mass, melting points and more. The fast facts and intriguing pictures will allow you to grasp a wealth of knowledge in a fun and engaging way! Celebrate your child's curiosity as they explore: • One card for each of the 118 elements • The element's chemical symbol and image are on the front, with a data-set including the element's atomic number, -atomic mass, period, melting point, and when it was discovered are on the back. • Includes supporting information on the periodic table and how atoms and elements work. • A glossary contains definitions of the most relevant terms to do with the periodic table. • Visual aids, such as photos of the elements in their raw state or in use, promote faster learning. • Cards are two-sided, laminated, and packed in a durable cardboard carton. Each card contains snappy and accessible information, displaying an eye-catching image of each chemical element, whilst show-casing the element's uses and how it appears in nature.You can use the cards to test your own knowledge, or how about using them to play a guessing game, quiz, or even a competitive comparison game with a friend? The brightly coloured cards make learning easy and fun for students and chemistry enthusiasts alike. A must-have volume for young readers aged 9+ who love science and are seeking a fun and engaging exploration of the periodic table of elements. Our World in Pictures: The Periodic Table Flashcards breaks down information on each one of the 118 total elements into manageable chunks of memorable and fascinating facts that can keep the kids enthralled for hours on end! A jaw-dropping spectrum of atom types- from lithium to magnesium and more - this all-encompassing chemistry book for kids provides a learning experience like no other! At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why not complete the collection? Our World in Pictures is back with an all-encompassing animal book for kids. Explore the animal kingdom like never before with Our World In Pictures: Animals of the World Flashcards and test your new-found knowledge with friends and family."
    49.00 AED

    Poppy And Sam'S Abc Flashcards

    52 bright and entertaining cards to encourage children to learn the letters of the alphabet and read their first words. Each card features a letter on one side, with a simple word and corresponding Stephen Cartwright illustration on the reverse. Perfect for playing matching and ordering games, making sound practice an enjoyable experience. Have fun spotting the Little Yellow Duck!
    35.00 AED

    Posters A2 - Introducing Parts Of Speech

    Set of 6 – Laminated A2 (590mm x 420mm) colourful posters, with bold, easy-to-read text, aimed at introducing aspects of parts of speech to students.
    100.00 AED