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    101 WAYS TO DRAW

    101 Ways to Draw is the only sketching book you need right now. From soft pencils to graphite powder, ballpoint to fibre-tip pens, conté sticks to watercolour pencils, this unique guide covers everything you need to know to begin mastering and combining different media in your drawing. This visual directory of drawing techniques beyond the pencil provides you with the skills to explore and experiment with all the different techniques and mediums. Use it as a handy reference for when you want to know how to use a particular tool, or as a catalogue of inspiration when seeking new ideas to try. A wealth of media and equipment is demonstrated, and each page features invaluable information for beginners and accomplished artists alike. With over 100 different techniques, tips and skills to master, this book provides you with project after project. Every technique and tip can be applied to other sketches too – so you can take these transferable skills into every masterpiece you ever create. David Webb is an artist and tutor on the nationwide leisure painting circuit. His work is regularly featured in the leisure painting press, he runs his own workshops and painting breaks, and he is the author of The Animal Painting Workbook (D&C 2007) and several other practical art books
    64.00 AED


    The humble granny square gets a fresh new look in this collection of 100 3D granny square crochet patterns. Choose your favourite from 100 different designs including flowers, animals, food and drink, and motifs; whether it's a fragrant rose, a cherry pie or a jellyfish. Each motif features a 3D element that is integral to the granny square design. There are also ten bright and beautiful projects showing you how to use the squares to make unique gifts for friends and family including an animal themed baby blanket; a fruity cushion and a decorative garland.
    80.00 AED

    Art : A Visual History

    Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Edgar Degas Covering every era and over 650 artists, this comprehensive, illustrated guide offers an accessible yet expansive view of art history, featuring everything from iconic works and lesser-known gems to techniques and themes. Offering a comprehensive overview of Western artists, themes, paintings, techniques, and stories, Art: A Visual History is packed full of large, full-colour images of iconic works and lesser-known gems. Exploring every era, from 30,000BCE to the present, it includes features on the major schools and movements, as well as close-up critical appraisals of 22 masterpieces - from Botticelli's Primavera to J. M. W. Turner's The Fighting Temeraire. With detailed referencing, crisp reproductions and a fresh design, this beautiful book is a must-have for anyone with an interest in art history - from first-time gallery goers to knowledgeable art enthusiasts. What makes great art? Discover the answer now, with Art: A Visual History.
    120.00 AED

    Art for the Heart: A Fill-In Journal for Wellness Through Art

    Use art to brighten your life, with amazing new artist Xavier Leopold, AKA Xavi Art! A wellness journal with a difference, this is a fill-in art journal with ideas and inspiration, plus loads of room for self-expression. With this art journal for kids aged 7+ from Xavier Leopold, AKA Xavi Art, young readers can use art to brighten their day, find calmness and confidence, and show how they really feel. Xavi uses his unique story to show readers how to use art for self-expression and wellbeing. When city trader Xavi picked up a brush during lockdown in 2020, he found a whole new world of communication for feelings. Throughout this journal, he explains how anyone can put their thoughts and dreams on paper, no matter what training they have. Themed around key wellness topics like healthy living, positive thinking and expressing emotions, each chapter contains lots of inspiration for art from the heart.
    55.00 AED


    This coloring book series for adults is especially designed with modern images, simple and bold shapes, inviting adults to explore their artisrty and creativity.
    15.00 AED


    This coloring book series for adults is especially designed with modern images, simple and bold shapes, inviting adults to explore their artisrty and creativity.
    15.00 AED


    This coloring book series for adults is especially designed with modern images, simple and bold shapes, inviting adults to explore their artisrty and creativity.
    15.00 AED

    Calligraphy Techniques An Essential Beginner'S Guide To Classic Alphabets

    This illustrated guide to the craft shows how the beginner should set about acquiring the necessary skills to become a proficient calligrapher.
    70.00 AED


    Learn to paint beautiful watercolor flowers in simple steps with this free and easy approach to watercolor painting for beginners. Marie Boudon's beautifully presented creative course will give you a good grounding in this new-to-you medium and teach you all you need to know to get started with painting flowers in watercolor. Find out about paper, brushes and paints, color mixing, wet and dry techniques, blending and gradients, contrast and even how to digitize your work. Then learn to paint roses, peonies, carnations, dahlias, anemones, poppies, leaves, details and textures and how to bring all of these together into beautiful compositions which make lovely art pieces, journal pages, handmade stationery and greetings cards, inspirational quote frames, personalized gifts and more.
    80.00 AED


    Learn to paint tropical watercolor flowers and foliage in simple steps with this free and easy approach to watercolor painting for beginners. Marie Boudon's beautifully presented creative course will get you started in this expressive and fun medium. Find out about the essential materials you need, learn about color mixing for an on-trend jungle palette, get expert tips on transparency, overlays and negative space, discover ideas for compositions and then work step-by-step through over 20 tutorials for jungle plants and flowers. From palm trees, monstera leaves and other jungle foliage to tropical flowers such as hibiscus, bird of paradise and anthurium, you'll find easy exercises and inspiring ideas for jungle-themed art, which is a huge trend in interiors and surface pattern design. Along the way, be inspired by Marie's gorgeous ideas for presenting the finished work as art pieces, journal pages, handmade stationery and greetings cards, inspirational quote frames, personalized gifts and more.
    80.00 AED


    This completely redesigned and updated long-selling manual, specifically dedicated to the male figure in fashion design, offers a comprehensive guide to acquiring and perfecting the skills needed to produce realistic and precise fashion drawings that accurately reflect a designer's creative vision. It c overs all aspects related to male human figure drawings, male fashion figurines, coloring styles and techniques, as well the design and representation of fabrics. It also includes technical details and representation of different types of clothing and accessories. The best-selling authors, Elizabetta Drudi and Tiziana Paci, have decades of experience in the fashion industry and have created an invaluable resource for designers and illustrators.
    150.00 AED

    Forty Three Photographers Hardcover Book

    This is 43 Photographers is a pictorial journey through the evolution of the trucial states to the united Arab emirates. Product Features: Genre: Photography Author: Moushumi Nandy
    95.00 AED


    Louvre Abu Dhabi is a comprehensive exploration of Jean Nouvel's (born 1945) latest masterpiece, from the first sketches and through each phase of its conception and construction. From its majestic, novel dome to its exhibition halls, this book walks the reader through this architectural jewel.
    130.00 AED


    A new collection of sewing patterns from the author of Making Luna Lapin and Sewing Luna's Friends. Luna Lapin: Making New Friends is a collection of five brand new animals and their wonderful wardrobes. Choose from Daisy the sheep, Ramsey the ram, Hugh the hound, Rowan the squirrel and more. Fans of Luna will love these patterns for five of her best friends and their outfits and accessories. Author, Sarah Peel takes classic garments and recreates them on a miniature scale with exquisite fabrics including Liberty cottons, wool tweed and French lace. Full-sized patterns and step-by-step instructions are included - as well as a collection of charming stories about the characters and their adventures.
    80.00 AED


    Mandala – Adults Colouring Book with Tearout sheet Paperback – January 1, 2020 PRODUCT DETAILS Publisher : Pegasus Books (January 1, 2020) Language : English ISBN-10 : 8131914453 ISBN-13 : 978-8131914458 Item Weight : 9.2 ounces Dimensions : 9.45 x 6.89 x 0.39 inches
    30.00 AED

    Modern Living: How to Decorate with Style

    Who hasn't had that feeling that something needs to change ASAP? And by something, we mean nothing less than our daily environment, the space immediately around us - our apartment, condo, or house. The reasons we need a change are legion: we might want to paint the boring white kitchen walls a more interesting colour, or get frustrated at all the time we spend burrowing around in the back of the closet for something to wear. Or maybe there's no storage in the bathroom, so what should we do with all of the towels and shower supplies? Now you can get all the help you need from a professional. Claire Bingham develops customised solutions for her clients that re-define how space is used and take maximum advantage of available options. Using easy to understand do-it-yourself projects, Modern Living - How to Decorate with Style shows how investing just a little time and money can make a big splash in your home. Working on your own, you can give your home a facelift that will make it even more comfortable and beautiful.
    350.00 AED

    My Uae In Photographs

    Published in celebration of the country’s Golden Jubilee, My UAE in Photographs showcases the country through the lens of the people who call this land home. The book is the culmination of a nationwide competition launched in early 2021 that saw both amateur and professional photographers submitting a selection of their finest photographs that expresses their connection to the UAE.
    125.00 AED

    Paint with Thread: A Step-By-Step Guide to Embroidery Through the Seasons

    Slow down and embroider your way through the changing seasons with the beautiful debut book from embroidery artist and rising star Emillie Ferris. Needle painting, also known as thread painting or silk shading, is a form of embroidery that creates a realistic, lifelike effect using a single strand of thread and one simple stitch - the 'long and short' stitch. You can create gorgeous color gradients, magical details, and flowing stitch directions that are perfect if you want to embroider flora and fauna. In this richly illustrated step-by-step guide, self-taught embroidery artist Emillie Ferris shows you how to pick up a needle and thread in the same way as a paintbrush to create strokes of color and bring images to life on fabric. Inspired by nature and the changing seasons, Emillie has created five new and exclusive patterns for the book, four that reflect each season in turn and one special design that brings the natural year together into one showstopper embroidery. This book is the culmination of all of Emillie's skills and years of experience in this wonderful, meditative art form. Each design has around 60 detailed step-by-step photos, showing every stage of the process so that even complete beginners can follow along and create beautiful embroideries. If you have been considering learning the art of needle painting but are unsure where to start, then this book is for you!
    125.00 AED


    Create miniature versions of your favorite creatures! Realistic Origami Animals shows you how to create 32 exquisite paper animals designed by renowned origami master, Fumiaki Kawahata. This diverse collection features many unusual models that will bring your origami skills to the next level and help you to explore the endless possibilities of paper folding. This full-colour book has detailed, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to fold each of the 32 impressive animals, including: Bison - A sturdy model with a distinctive hump and a beard. Elk - Boasts an impressive rack of antlers in a contrasting color. Flying Squirrel - A kinetic piece captured mid-flight with its "wings" outstretched. Dachshund - An adorable "stretched" pup who makes an amusing companion. Kangaroo - A muscular marsupial with a sweet little joey peeking out from its pouch. Gorilla - A powerful presence with a furrowed brow that will make you think twice before going too close. And many more! Kawahata's clever projects draw their realism from unique and innovative folding patterns - no wet folding required!
    90.00 AED

    RHS Encyclopedia Of Plants and Flowers

    "". . . you can't do without it. As a reference book it is unsurpassed."" - The Guardian ""Absolutely essential"" - BBC Good Homes Find the perfect plants for your garden with this inspiring encyclopedia for all gardening enthusiasts! Achieve that beautiful garden oasis you've always dreamt of, and find endless inspiration and guidance for your garden to thrive with this gardening guide! This fully comprehensive yet easy-to-use informative planting guide is what every gardener needs on their bookshelf. Here's what you'll find inside: - A photographic catalogue of 4000 plants and flowers grouped by type, size, then colour, allowing readers to browse and find the best plants for their garden - A detailed ""Plant Dictionary"" describes more than 8000 species and varieties and their ideal growing conditions - In the Introduction, a ""Plant Selector"" section lists ideal plants for particular growing conditions, such as coastal areas, shady spots, and different soil types - Fully updated text from garden plant specialists, with more than 1380 new plants added, including the latest and most popular cultivars Discover perennials, bulbs, shrubs, and trees, succulents, and ornamental shrubs, all showcased in beautiful, full-colour photography to help elevate your garden to the next level. Use the extensive plant dictionary to look up more than 8000 plant varieties and the best growing conditions. Written by a team of more than 15 top horticultural specialists under the guidance of internationally renowned plantsman and botanist Christopher Brickell, this gardening encyclopedia appeals to all levels of gardeners and continually inspires with achievable garden ideas. This informative yet inspirational book about gardening will appeal to beginners or more experienced gardeners interested in the latest cultivars and horticultural advice.
    240.00 AED

    RHS How To Garden When You're New To Gardening : The Basics For Absolute Beginners

    If the desire to start a garden has been planted in your heart, then this essential guide is a wonderful companion to accompany you on your new adventure! If you're not sure of the first steps to take, this handbook takes the anxiety out of plotting and planting and equips you with all the know-how and confidence you need to get digging into your garden. Creating a garden that you can enjoy and keep looking beautiful all year round is easier than you think!With the expertise of the Royal Horticultural Society, you'll find simple step-by-step instructions, with clear images to help you create your dream garden, no matter the size and scale. Get to know your garden and choose plants that will grow well in particular soil types and conditions year after year. From growing root crop to cutting back ivy, this book gives you lots of simple garden ideas and projects that you can do yourself. Even if you've never sowed a seed or pulled a weed, RHS How to Garden When You're New To Gardening contains everything you need to kickstart your new outdoor hobby! This refreshingly accessible book is perfect for the novice gardener who wants to make the most of whatever garden they have. Your Guide to Creating the Garden of Your Dreams Do you want to create a garden you can show off with pride? Would you like to grow your own food? This book will get you started quickly! By following the simple steps and projects outlined in this book, you will reap instant rewards and long-term successes so that you can enjoy your garden in all seasons. Inside the pages of this comprehensive gardening book, you'll discover: - Clear definitions and descriptions of the different types of plants. - Tips on choosing the type of garden you want. - Easy-to-follow instructions for choosing the right plants for your soil. - Simple step-by-step instructions to producing your first crop. - Practical gardening advice on planting, growing, and caring for different plants.
    84.00 AED

    Sketching Men: How to Draw Lifelike Male Figures, A Complete Course for Beginners

    In Sketching Men, veteran art instructor Koichi Hagawa, PhD explains how to quickly capture the dynamic male form through two distinct styles of sketching: •Very rapid (1-3 minute) line drawings that capture the essence of the subject's posture and movement--perfect for recording athletic action poses at the moment •More finished tonal drawings, which take a bit longer to render (7-10 minutes), but fill in lots of interesting texture and wonderfully realistic details and nuances, including the play of light and shadow, three-dimensional form, and a sense of mass and balance Learn to sketch the following: •Individual body parts and their bones and muscles •Objects held in the hands and with both arms •Standing and sitting poses •Transitions from prone and sitting poses to a standing pose •Bending, reaching, and leaning poses •Pushing, throwing, and dancing poses •Folds, gathers, and drapes of clothing This book contains hundreds of detailed studies and helpful examples. Your sketches will improve rapidly as you learn all about how human anatomy--the skeleton, muscles, and posture--all come together to express the uniquely male form. When you hone your line and tonal drawing skills with this book, all your artwork will improve as a result, no matter the application: storyboarding, cartooning and graphic novels, illustration, formal drawings, painting and more!
    90.00 AED

    The Best Of House Doctor

    A compendium of property-selling wisdom from the original home staging guru, TV's House Doctor Ann Maurice. How do you sell a home that's been languishing on the market for months? By following the House Doctor's mantra: depersonalise, declutter, define, renovate and accessorise. This book shows you how to style the home you have to maximum advantage and without spending a fortune, in order to make that sale and even add value to the property. While aimed primarily at people wishing to sell their home, the book also provides plenty of ideas for people just looking to smarten up their property, both inside and out. * real life room-by-room case studies featuring before and after transformations * step-by-step projects * hints and tips on interior design * practical decorating advice
    45.00 AED

    The Complete Guide to Drawing for Beginners

    In The Complete Guide to Drawing for Beginners, experienced art instructor Yoshiko Ogura explains the basics of pencil drawing through a series of lessons that provide insights on artistic composition, simulating highlights and shadows, depicting realistic forms, rendering texture, and creating a sense of depth in your artwork. At the beginning of the book, she provides you with all the information you need to get started--what materials to buy, how to prepare your work surface, pencils, and erasers--even how to sit correctly when drawing.
    82.00 AED


    Rediscover the pleasure you got from childhood drawing, before you became too self-conscious and self-critical to enjoy it. Most children draw. Before we can write, even, we scribble and sketch and create. But somehow that gets lost as we get older. We learn that Being An Artist is hard and complicated, and that there are technical rules to choosing colour and perfecting your perspective. This book is here to remind you of the joy you once found in creating, scribbling, getting something down on paper - and that it's really about the process and nothing to do with how technically brilliant the finished 'artwork' is. In this accessible guide, largely self-taught artist Jen Russell-Smith takes beginners by the hand and breaks down the barriers we face around sketching, and shows you how to begin with quick, loose sketches building your confidence and skills to draw spontaneously, with nothing more than the things around you for inspiration. With simple exercises that anyone can follow, Jen shows you how to sketch the things and the places around you from life, using simple watercolour techniques to add vibrancy to your work.
    80.00 AED

    The Secret World of Plants

    "A timeless treasury of more than 100 stories from the incredible kingdom of plants, told by author and nature expert Ben Hoare. Plants are found almost everywhere on Earth, but to many people, their lives are a mystery. Learn how seagrass flowers underwater, how the Venus flytrap counts to make sure it catches its prey, and why some tulips used to cost more than a house! This fascinating book for kids explores the vast plant kingdom and explains how plants work, as well as the weird and wonderful relationships they have with animals. Children can discover the secrets of more than 100 amazing plants in this treasury of fascinating flora, as well as the essentials of plant science, including photosynthesis, pollination, and germination. Each species is shown with remarkable photography and beautiful illustrations, all brought to life by Ben Hoare's writing, filled with charm and infectious enthusiasm.This nature book for children ages 7+ features:- An eye-catching holographic cover, gilded edges, and stunning photography and illustrations, making it the perfect gift- A wide range of incredible plants and trees from all around the world- Illustrated diagrams to support definitions of different types of plants- Introductory reference pages that explain key topics such as photosynthesisThis book is a must for any child interested in the natural world and the plants that grow in it. Plants provide us with food, fuel, and medicine, and without them, life as we know it would not exist. From orchids that grow vanilla pods to leaves that look like stones, and from bamboo that can be made into clothes to moss that soaks up vast amounts of carbon dioxide, plants shape our world in an endless variety of ways."
    110.00 AED

    The Unkillables: 40 Resilient House Plants For New Plant Parents

    Featuring a First-Aid section that covers common plant ailments, as well as information on potting, watering, fertilizing, and more, this is the perfect book for anyone who owns a houseplant and wants it to thrive. Houseplants not only make your space look stylish, but they are also good for both your physical and mental health. That is... until you kill one (or three). There is nothing more heartbreaking and soul-destroying than watching your beautiful green friend die a slow death in front of your very eyes, despite all your love and attention. Was it too much water? Not enough? Some sort of insect infestation? The reasons for planticide can seem endless! In The Unkillables, Jo Lambell shares her houseplant knowledge so that even the biggest plant serial killers can have an abundant indoor garden. According to Jo, the biggest mistake many people make is buying the plant they like, not buying the plant for the space that they have, and not accepting the sort of plant parent they can be - someone with a warm flat who is rarely home cannot offer the same as the person in a big house who is always in. With this in mind, Jo starts the book with a comprehensive Plant Parent Quiz, which will help you to decide the plants that are best for you and your home. She then details 40 low-maintenance plants and how to keep them healthy and happy. Featuring a First-Aid section that covers common plant ailments, as well as information on potting, watering, fertilizing, and more, The Unkillables is the perfect book for anyone who owns a houseplant and wants it to thrive.
    60.00 AED

    Watercolor Fashion Illustration

    Learn to paint outstanding fashion watercolors with expert guidance from a leading fashion illustrator.Watercolor is a wonderful medium for figure and fashion as it creates loose, impressionistic results that capture the essence of a look without getting too bogged down in the details. In this complete course, professional fashion illustrator Francesco Lo Iacono shows you how to master creating delicate, beautiful fashion illustrations. The book begins with the best tools and materials, from paints and brushes to pencils, paper and more. You'll then explore simple watercolor techniques such as washes, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, and using the white of the paper. Francesco then goes on to teach you about lighting and shading, which can have a dramatic effect on your work. And finally in the front section, you'll learn about colour, how to create palettes, how to mix colours and achieving a range of skin tones. Once you've covered these fundamentals, Francesco explores the key elements of illustrating fashion, with guidance on how to approach both male and female faces, a wide variety of hair types and styles, different male and female poses, and how to draw and paint garments, reflecting tailoring, drapery, volume, texture and patterns. Twenty step-by-step projects then take these building blocks and show you how to use them to create beautiful fashion watercolors, starting with easier subjects and building in complexity as your confidence grows. You'll begin by painting handbags and shoes without models before starting to introduce figures. The range of subjects included covers all angles, from full figures front on and in profile to close-up make-up and beauty illustrations. You'll also learn how to create dynamic compositions for editorial fashion illustration. Finally, Francesco covers the best ways to digitize and retouch your work, how to incorporate other media alongside your watercolors, how to work live at fashion events and how to take everything you've learned to develop your own personal style of fashion illustration.Francesco's clients include fashion brands Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton - and with this book you'll have all the tools you need to become an A-list fashion illustrator too.
    110.00 AED

    Watercolor for the Soul

    This fresh approach looks first at the process of painting as a means to de-stress and unwind. Many people love the idea of painting but hold themselves back from starting because they are worried about not being good enough or not feeling as though as are creative. In this guide for the absolute beginner, artist and teacher Sharone Stevens shows you that watercolor can be accessible to everyone and that just painting very simple lines, patterns and shapes in calming colors, concentrating on each brush stroke, can have a powerful meditative effect, while at the same time allowing you to create beautiful art you can be proud of. She also encourages you to connect more with the world around you, finding inspiration in your every-day life and discovering the beautiful textures found in nature, from tree trunks to fruit and butterflies! The aim of the techniques and projects in this book is to create art that relaxes both the artist and the viewer of the finished piece. Projects range from simple gift tags, bookmarks, cards and small wall pieces to larger art pieces that you never thought possible - all done with a focus on relaxation - which is so important in today's fast-paced, increasingly digital world. Learn how to mix a calming color palette, try simple painting exercises to get into a relaxed flow, and create beautiful artworks that will lift the spirits both during the painting process and beyond, as finished pieces of art.
    90.00 AED

    Watercolor Portraits

    Painting expressive portraits of iconic faces has never been easier with this unique approach to watercolor painting. In this fresh and super-accessible approach to modern portraiture, artist Nelli Andrejew removes any barriers to painting instantly recognizable faces. In just a few simple brushstrokes you can capture the essence and likeness of 15 international icons and create modern watercolor portraits you will be proud to hang on the wall. The 15 famous personalities included have all made a valuable contribution to the world in some way - be it science, art or human rights. The subtle style of the portraits you'll learn how to paint in this book bring these heroes to life in watercolor, with step-by-step instructions and practical templates for tracing, removing the need for any real skill - just trace, paint, have fun, and paint portraits that will surprise and delight all who see them. With this book you will learn how to paint: Leonardo DiCaprio * Virginia Woolf * James Dean * Lana Del Rey * Bob Dylan * Michelle Obama * Albert Einstein * Marilyn Monroe * Girl with a Pearl Earring * Martin Luther King Jr. * Audrey Hepburn * Mona Lisa * Coco Chanel * Emma Watson * Vincent Van Gogh In addition to the step-by-step tutorials, Nelli shares her tips and experience in the basic techniques you will need, from how to transfer the templates to your watercolour paper, to different ways to work with watercolors to successful portraits. This beautiful guide will inspire you to try all the faces included and then go on to paint your own original portraits with the same techniques. The perfect way to spend a creative afternoon!
    90.00 AED