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    The Viking Method

    **The fitness and diet plan followed by NICOLE SCHERZINGER and AMANDA HOLDEN** I love Svava's technique. In all my years of training, the Viking Method is unlike anything I have ever done - Nicole Scherzinger The Viking Method is an incredible fitness plan - for me the most important thing was not just getting stronger physically but mentally. - Amanda Holden The Viking Method uses Svava's strong mental practices inspired by her Icelandic upbringing to help the reader build the lean, powerful and toned physique they desire. It'll render the reader more resilient, bolder and full of belief in themselves. Unlike other fitness and diet books, The Viking Method isn't about the external superficiality of a beach body. It's about three core pillars: thinking like a Viking, training like a Viking and eating like a Viking. Svava introduces these pillars early on in the book - along with mantras for each pillar which are connected to empowerment, mental strength and internal validation over counting calories. The book features information on eating and exercising for your hormones, detailed workout routines based around body-weight exercises illustrated with photographs, and a selection of delicious Scandi-inspired recipes such as Thor-red Salmon and Icelandic Lamb Stew.
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